Reservations Instructions

New, phase 3 changes take effect 7/19/20 . Lap swim as been removed for FSS (one reservation for all on your account)  and now are booked by individual reservation. More FSS and lap swim times during dive practice times have been added  (sorry no dive boards available). Please contact with questions regarding reservations.

For more information on how to make a reservation, watch the video below:
DR Reservations Tutorial

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Three advance reservations per week, ( One reservation per family (FSS), as well as one individual reservation for Adult Lap Swim and Adult Water Walking per day. After 9 pm (if you have used your advance reservations quota for the week and have NOT met you quota for the day ) you can reserve for the following day open spots.* Adult Lap Swim and Adult Water Walking/Free Swim is for ADULTS ONLY.

Letter From President 7/09/20 (Updated 7/18)
Dear DRRA Families –

Great news! With VA moving into Phase 3, the Governor and the Arlington County Board will permit us to allow more families in the pool starting on July 11. This message contains important information on how DRRA will be operating. Please carefully read the entire email.

First, we still face restrictions on the number of individuals allowed in the pool water. However, the maximum number of people allowed inside the fence will increase from 30% to 75% of regular capacity.

Second, we are still required to conduct the COVID-19 screenings before you enter the front gate. If you are sick or do not pass the screen, you will not be allowed in the facility. Like Phase 2, you will still have to leave after your reservation time is over (so we do not exceed maximum limits and risk County Health Officials shutting the pool down). You will still need to wear a mask when you are within 10 feet of non-family members on the property or if you are walking around or want to use the bathrooms, which will still have limitations on the number allowed. Staff will continue to wear masks when facing customers. We must continue the rigorous cleaning procedures, including cleaning and disinfecting some items (chairs, phones) after each use and cleaning and disinfecting the facility every two hours. The snack bar will remain closed for the summer. No food is allowed in the facility and only water is allowed on the pool deck. Also, no food deliveries are allowed.

The use of bathrooms remains the same. Please shower before you come and apply sunscreen before entering the front gate, lockers remain closed and there is still no showering as you depart.

Third, for those of you who use the pool more frequently, we are still requiring one-way traffic: You will enter at the front gate where you will check-in, walk around the snack bar walkway, and go to your assigned space. You then exit via the back gate or up the handicapped walkway to the front gate. There is signage directing you.

But there is good news!

The wading pool will be open for reservations, one family at a time for a one-hour time slot. To enter the wading pool, you are required to walk down to the main deck and then proceed on the handicapped walkway up to the wading pool. There will be no access from the traditional path of walking across the guard station and behind the bathroom doors.
Families members will be exempt from social distancing at the pool, while in their designated section of the pool and deck area.
Free swim will be allowed (ten feet apart from non-family members is required).
updated 7/17/20- lap swimming will continue with reservations with 2 people per lane for all lanes . No more 3 people in a lane.
updated 7/17/20 Group lessons and clinics are no longer bur FSS and lap swim added. 
We have added a “Family Sun and Swim” activity, where members reserve portions of the pool once a day. The reservation will be assigned to your DRRA member number and may include all family members on your membership account. All family members attending on the Family Sun and Swim reservation are expected to arrive and exit at the same time. Lounge chairs/tables will be assigned to each pool section, which will be clearly marked.
You will be allowed one lap swim (offer to adults only)  per member each day in addition to one family swim per membership per day. Three advance reservations per week. “Day of” reservations for available space will not count toward your three limits per week. However double booking for Family Sun and Swim on the same day is prohibited, so all DRRA members will have an opportunity to participate.
The state and county continue to require a “Safe zone” for staff which is closed to the members. Our Safe zone is behind women’s bathroom to end of bathhouse building by the equipment room. This is why the traditional wading pool entrance remains closed.
Please check the website and complete your reservations for pool usage. The Wading pool and Family Sun and Swim activities will be open to families with children of all ages.

We truly appreciate your consideration and flexibility, as the Board, Pool Management, and Staff is working hard to give all members access to the pool in these unusual circumstances. Any questions should be directed to the front desk during operation hours 703-522-3115.

Problems booking a reservation (non-complaints)

Problems with operations

Best Regards,

Bob Hutchison
President, DRRA Board of Directors