Important Message from the DRRA Board of Directors

DRRA Covid-19 Registration Procedure and Pool Usage Enforcement

Suspension and Disciplinary Committee

Dear DRRA Members:

We are sorry for posting this open letter to the DRRA Website, but wanted
everyone to know that effective immediately, we are going to more aggressively
enforce DRRA’s COVID-19 Registration Procedures and Pool Usage standard protocol.

The Board would have preferred not to do this, but we are unfortunately finding instances of members “gaming” the registration system to their own benefit in violation of the spirit of the community, treating the manager and staff in an abusive or very disrespectful way, and flagrantly violating pool rules imposed on Donaldson Run by the Governor of Virginia and the Arlington County Health Board. Here are several examples:

• Violating the 3 swims per week rule, established to give all 600 member families some opportunity to have pool time;
• Screaming, yelling, and being very disrespectful to the manager and staff.
• Several weeks ago, users of the wading pool brought food with them (which we cannot allow because of COVID-19 rules), didn’t want to leave on time, and ended up dumping the food into the wading pool to express their displeasure; and
• Bullying and harassing through excessive complaining—calling the pool number more than 20 times in one day while also calling the Manager’s phone multiple times and sending countless emails (unfortunately, this has happened on multiple occasions).

The good news is nearly all of our members understand the difficult situation we are all in with COVID-19, agree that safety is our top goal, and support maximizing all members’ opportunities to get in the pool, our staff’s efforts to keep the pool as clean as humanly possible and abide by all state and county-imposed requirements. The entire
Board of Directors deeply thanks everyone for their positive support at such a
difficult time.

For everyone’s benefit, we remind you of DRRA’s discipline procedures:

1. Members’ pool privileges will be immediately suspended for 7 Days for any infraction by the General Manager, with no appeal.

The Board voted unanimously for the below resolution in July.

We urge aggressive enforcement of the 7-day immediate suspension of pool membership of members and their families who are disrespectful and/or hostile, to the manager, pool staff, and other DRRA members. We also want to
signal those who regularly break the registration rules that their actions are hurting other DRRA members.

The suspension of pool privileges for 7 days (starting from the date of the infraction) cannot be appealed. Violators will have their pool membership number blocked from making any reservations until the seven days are up and all registrations already made for that period will be cancelled.

2. Multiple offenders will be forwarded to the DRRA Board Disciplinary Committee: Multiple violations or single violations rising to the occasion of being a really “big deal” will be sent to the Disciplinary Committee for prompt action. The committee can extend suspensions, can end the violator’s use of the pool for the remainder of the summer, and can impose even more onerous consequences.

We hope there will be no need to use any of these disciplinary tools. Despite the pandemic, we are all working to further build our DRRA community . But we cannot allow dishonorable actions by a few members to damage what DRRA has built over the decades.

Thank you.

Best wishes.

DRRA Board of Directors