DRRA Event Calendar

Pool Hours May 12th- Sept 16th 2018

Saturdays*- no early bird swim

Pool HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
10:00a to 9:00p Open to all members and guests
10:00a to 12:00pGeneral swimming4
12:00p to 8:45pGeneral swimming***2
  •  Opens at 1:00 PM on days of home swim meets
  •  Closed at 4:00 PM on July 14
  •  Closed  at 7:00 PM Saturday evenings after Labor Day- pools closed at 6:45 PM


Pool HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
9:00a to 12:00n Adult BrunchOpen to adults only6
12:00n to 9:00p* Open to all members and guests
12:00n to 8:45pGeneral swimming, high dive open2
  • Closed 8 PM Sunday evenings from May 13- June 17
  • Closed 7 PM Sunday evenings after Labor Day.
  • July 29 pool opens at 3 pm due to Dive Team Divisional -no brunch
  • Pool closes at 4:00 PM on the last day of the season, Sept 24

Holidays (DRRA closes at 6pm)

Pool HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
7:00a to 9:00aAdult Early bird swim 6
10:00a to 6;00pOpen to all members and guest
10:00a to 12:00nGeneral swimming2
12:00n to 5:45pGeneral Swimming, all boards open 0

Early Weekdays* (May 14 – Jun 20)

HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
5:30a to 9:00aAdults Only
5:30a to 8:45aEarly Bird lap swim6
5:30a to 6:30a Boot Camp (T ,TH),Starts May 30th3-4
6:00a to 7:00a Water Aerobics ( M, W, F), starts May 306
2:00p to 8:45pOpen to all members and guest
2:00p to 4:00pGeneral swimming4
4:00p to 6:00pSwim Team practice
6:00p to 8:00p Dive team practice, starts may 312- the rest of dive well closed
8:00p to 8:45pM-TH-General Swimming4
8:00p to 8:45 pFridays-General swimming ,high and low dive open2

* See Holidays for Memorial Day

opening 12:00n on June 18-20

Summer Weekdays* (Jun 21 – Aug 3)

HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
5:30a to 8:00aAdult Lap Swim6
5:30a to 6:30aBoot Camp- T,TH3-4
6:00a to 7:00aWater Aerobics (M,W,F)6
8:00a to 11:45aSwim Team Practice0
11:00a to 12:00nWater Aerobics (M – Th) start June 25th 0
11:15a to 1:30pDive Team Practice0
12:00n to 9:00p Open to all members and guests
1:30p to 4:00pGeneral Swimming2
4:00p to 6:00p2 lap lanes adult swim ,*2 lanes reserved for special training and events 2/4*
6:00p to 7:00p Dive Team Practice (M,W,F)2
6:00p to 7:00p (T, Th)General swimming (T,Th)2
7:00p to 8:45pGeneral swimming2
  •  See DRRA event google calendar for swim and dive closings and time changes
  • See Holidays for July 4

August Weekdays* (Aug 6 – Aug 31)

HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
5:30a to 8:45aAdult -Early Bird lap swim6
5:30a to 6:30aAdult -Boot Camp (T,Th)3 or 4
6:00a to 7:00aAdult -Water Aerobics (M,W,F)6
*11:15a to 12:150n Water Aerobics (M,T,W,Th)
*11:00a to 9:00p Pool OpenOpen to all members and guests2
12:00p to 8:45pGeneral Swimming2
  •  General swim opens at 11 am
  • Main pool shallow end closed 11-12:15n for Water Aerobics class use

September Weekdays (Sep 3 – Sep 14)

Pool HoursActivityTarget Lap Lanes
5:30a to 9:00a adults only
5:30- 8:45aEarly bird lap swim 6
6:00a to 7:00 aWater Aerobics ( M-W-F) last day Sept 7th6
4:00p to7:00pOpen to all members and guest
4:00p to 6:45pGeneral Swimming4