Facilities Planning Updates

2016 Update

Accessibility Improvements

After continued evaluation of available options and working with various contractors to identify the most effective implementation plan for the accessibility improvements, our facilities committee is working with a selected contractor to obtain the necessary permitting to begin work immediately after the 2016 season. The remaining accessibility improvements will consist of:

  • A new access ramp adjacent to the existing walkway to pool consisting of switchbacks and rest areas to achieve ADA compatible access from parking area to pool house. The exiting pathway will be maintained.
  • A new access ramp from pool house to pool deck with ADA compliant grading from an area adjacent to wading pool to pool deck.

These improvements will substantially increase accessibility to our mobility challenged members and guests and be “stroller” friendly. It has been a long process to meet the challenges of our unique topography but completion in near.

We will continue to offer deck level parking and assistance from staff to as requested by our members and guests.

General Grounds Improvements

Our parking area was reconditioned this spring and is substantially improved (although we continue to have ground water management issues and will continue to address them). We are finalizing the design and permitting of general grounds improvements improving ground water management, replacement of perimeter fencing, expansion of pool viewing area for our swim and dive events, and a tree replenishment program. These activities require specific approvals from Arlington County which may impact the scope of allowable work. The board is optimistic that a final plan can be in place for commencement of work immediately after the 2016 season.

2015 Update

Prior to the opening of the pool for the 2014 season, the Priority 1 (Pool Safety and Accessibility Upgrades) and Priority 2 (Bathhouse Improvements) and a portion of the Priority 3 (Accessibility Improvements) were completed through the following actions:

  • Renovation of main pool, including deepening of dive well to FINA standards, renovation of dive stands, and installation of features to improve accessibility to handicap swimmers and general membership
  • Replacement of children’s wading pool with enhancements
  • Renovation of men’s and women’s bathhouse facilities and pool offices
  • Repairs to bathhouse roofing and expansion of bathhouse storage facilities and snack bar
  • Addition of a handicap accessible family bathroom and changing facility to bathhouse

While our progress to date has been significant, we continue to work on developing a plan that can economically implement the remaining membership approved improvements while maintaining the current character of our facilities while being complaint with the strict permitting required by our proximity to Potomac watershed.

Consistent with our prior practices, there will be opportunities for members to review any Board of Director’s approved plans before any work begins.

Summary of Membership Approved Facilities Improvements

At a special meeting held in October 2012, the Donaldson Run Board of Directors proposed a Facilities Plan to implement the concept facilities plan approved by Donaldson Run’s members at the 2010 annual members meeting. The Facilities Plan reflects four priorities for needed repairs and improvements to Donaldson Run’s buildings and grounds:

  • Priority 1: Pool Safety and Accessibility Upgrades
  • Priority 2: Bathhouse Improvements
  • Priority 3: Accessibility improvements
  • Priority 4: Grounds improvements and Upkeep

The membership approved a motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $1.5 million for the Facilities Plan, to be funded through the use of accumulated reserves of up to $650,000; a refundable assessment on shareholding members of $800, payable over two years; and a bank loan of up to $370,000, to be repaid over a period not to exceed 10 years through special dues charges to be assessed on all classes of Donaldson Run members until the loan is repaid.