2021 Opening Day, Schedules, Policies and More

The Donaldson Run pool season is upon us.  Outlined below are the opening weekend schedule, a pool operation summary, dive and swim team news and future expectations.

The Opening Weekend Schedule
Opening day is Saturday, May 8th.  The gate will open at 11am. Below is the schedule for the upcoming weekend.  Later this week we will update our calendar and release the weekday schedule.

Saturday, May 8th

  • Facility is open
    • 11am – 9pm
  • General Swim
    • 11am – 8:45pm: Pool is available

Sunday, May 9th

  • Facility is open
    • 8am – 9pm
  • Adult Swim
    • 8am – 11am: Pool is available
    • No brunch provided
  • General Swim
    • 11am – 8:45pm: Pool is available (*This is a correction from email)

2021 Pool Operation Summary
I know many are excited to use the pool this season.  Keep in mind that there are restrictions still in place as dictated by the Virginia Department of Health.  As policy changes, we will do our best to accommodate. Below is a brief summary of our pool operations as of opening day.  We are working to get our complete operation policies online.

  • No reservations will be required to swim at the pool.
  • Wearing a mask is required at the pool as mandated by the Virginia Department of Health. You may remove your mask if you are seated in a chair and with your family or if you are swimming in the pool water.  A mask is to be worn at all other times.
  • Social distance rules inside the facility:
    • In the pool water – ten (10) feet apart from people who are not your family
    • Not in the pool water – six (6) feet apart from people who are not your family
  • Pool capacity is set at 100 people inside the gate, with 40 people max in the main pool.  The small children’s pool will be open with a capacity of 15 people; 5 in the pool. You may swim with your immediate family (like a pod) and that will be counted as one ‘person/pod’ in the pool water.  Same rule applies that this pod must remain 10 feet apart from other swimmers.
  • There are a maximum of 3 swimmers to a lane for lap swim.  Circle swim is mandatory if there are 2 or more swimmers in a lane.
  • To begin, we will be announcing the pool capacity hourly during general swim.  The announcements can be viewed on the pool home page (www.drra.org) and on twitter (www.twitter.com/drrapool).  Please note that capacities are always fluctuating and we will be doing our best to provide an accurate count. If the pool is at capacity, please form a socially distant queue outside the gate. As members leave, we will let members into the facility. We ask that you not call the pool for capacity information, but seek the information online.
  • There will be picnic tables and chairs available to sit or lounge.  Family members may move chairs together. Social distancing rules apply to people seated at picnic tables and in chairs.
  • Snack Bar will be open.

Unfortunately, the following will not be allowed at this time:

  • Guests may not attend the pool. We need to maximize occupancy to the membership.
  • Birthday parties and larger social gatherings like end-of-school year, lobster fest and Summer holiday parties
  • Midday water aerobics and boot camps

August – September Member News *updated
At this time, we are waiting for an update from the Virginia Department of Health to modify their guidelines so we can accommodate the additional 100-120 families in the August-September Membership.

Upcoming this week
This week we will continue to update our website and we will send out another email with our weekday pool schedules, procedures for lightning and staff and membership responsibility expectations at the pool.

We know there will be changes to operations as the season continues. We will do our best to be timely and we ask for your patience as we navigate the season.

I believe together we will make this upcoming pool season a success and I look forward to seeing and working with everyone this Summer. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me, the Board of Directors or the staff.


Lew Sawyer
Donaldson Run Recreation Association

DRRA Opening Day May 8th at 11am

The Donaldson Run Pool season officially opens Saturday, May 8th at 11am.

We have lifeguard training in the morning before we open.


Adult Social

All social events are cancelled until further notice due to COVID 19