Frequently Asked Questions-

When can I make day-of reservations? Revised Aug 14th  Any day of reservation for any facility can be book ONE HOUR before the reservation time. Early bird 5:30 am ONLY reservation can be booked 9 pm the day before

When does the 2021 Season begin and end?
DRRA will open on Saturday, May 08-Sept 19.  Check out the Calendar & Hours for the daily schedule.

Has the board considered extending the season to 2020? Yes, however, due to multiple reasons,  such as limited staff, COVID 19, and work schedule, the scheduled date remains the same. the closing date each season is always discussed and debated by the board each beginning season

Why does my account say “unpaid” if I have already paid?
This is because you haven’t signed the COVID-19 waiver. Log in to, go to the membership tab, and click “make a payment.” It will ask for payment info but will not charge anything. Check all members’ boxes to sign.

How do I make a reservation?
Log in to Go to “Make a reservation” or “Swim Reservations” from the home tab. A calendar schedule will pop up for the week. There is a drop-down tab on the left of the calendar where you can select what lane or another facility you wish to reserve. You can only reserve through the Saturday of that week; the next week will open up for reservations at 3:00 PM every Saturday.

How many reservations can I make?
Each member can make three reservations per week, either individual lap swim/EB Shallow OR FSS.

How do I cancel a reservation?
Log in to Go under the membership tab to “manage account.” Click “my reservations,” and there will be an option to cancel the reservation.

Why do we close early on the last day? -95% of staff are in school. Many of the staff are under 16. VA Child labor law states they can not work past 7 pm after Labor day. It takes staff at least 3 hr to break down the pool for the season. Therefore, we must close the pool by 4 pm to complete it by 7 pm.

How do I find out when the pool is closed or opening due to bad weather? Check our Twitter account or look on Twitter feed. PLEASE try not to call the pool; phone lines should NOT BE USED at pools in thunder and lightening situations

Can I wait in the parking lot while the pool is closed due to thunder and lightning? Patrons cannot be on DRRA property while the pool is closed UNLESS they are inside a closed car. Otherwise, it would help if you went home into a safe environment. Those disobeying this safety rule are subject to losing their membership privileges for 6 days.

COVID 19 FAQ’s: Phase 3

Why are swim/dive teams still having practices? More than 200 of our neighborhood children are participating in the Swim/Dive team this season. This is the largest program that the pool sponsors each year. With camps and other recreation opportunities canceled, the Board’s commitment to supporting these programs in 2020 was unanimous. These teams are practicing during the time day set aside for swim and dive practice each season but using the pool less than they would have been in a normal season.  These programs also allow us to safely maximize pool utilization under the strict supervision of qualified coaches. swim team ends Aug 7th dive team ends Aug 14th

If a member on my account is on the swim and/or dive team and practice three times a week, can I sign up for an FSS?- NO, the three swims count as a lap swim, and therefore FSS can not be booked.

If a member on my account is on the swim or dive team and practice three times a week, can they also sign up for lap swim? No, their swims at practice count as their three swim per person per week.

If a member on my account is on the swim team or dive team, but other members on my account are not, what are we allowed? Those of you NOT on the swim or dive team can ONLY sign up for individual lap swimming or EB water walking a max of 3 reservations each.

Who made the rules for DRRA and COVID 19 requirements? The rules for safely operating a pool in each Phase of the Governor’s re-opening plan are strictly defined by the Virginia Department of Health and enforced by the Arlington County Board of Health, which issues DRRA’s operating permit. The DRRA Board COVID 19 opening committee reviews these rules and determines the best way for DRRA to operate, balancing pool utilization for all members with the need to maintain all health and safety protocols.

Why are we not allowing 75% occupancy into DRRA? The Phase 3 Governor Executive Order allows up to 75% occupancy inside the grounds of DRRA. However, in the pool water itself, the social distancing rules remain rigid and have not changed from Phase 2.    A ten-foot distance must still be maintained between members NOT of the same family.  Therefore, it falls on DRRA to figure out how to best maintain this social distance for our members’ safety. 

Why can’t I make a reservation whenever I want? Why are the spots full? We have over 2400 active, individual members that would all like to use the pool, and there is limited availability based on the amount of occupancy we are allowed.

Can you personally call me when there is a cancellation? No, we can not; 2400 members are waiting to make a reservation.

Can a family of ONE make an FSS reservation? NO, the committee voted on July 21 to change. You now must have at least two members on your account ( more members preferred) to make a family reservation. This is because the goal is to have more members to use the pool in larger areas.

Why did we change from lap swim from FSS back to individual laps swim reservations? There were too many unused lap lanes with FSS and more individual members wanting to swim and share a lane.
The Early Bird hours from 5:30 am-9 am for adults only (18 years old or older).
Lap Lanes will be called “Lane #” to reduce the number of facilities in the drop-down menu when making a reservation. There will no longer be separate “EB Lane #” or “Lap Lane # (FSS).”
There will be six lap lanes available during Early Bird hours, two lap lanes available all day M-F following swim practice, and Saturday/Sunday. Four lap lanes will be available to reserve after 5 pm each day.

Why can’t lap swim be open all day and no other use of lap swimming area? There are 2400 members, and that all do not participate in lap swimming. Many enjoy diving boards and water basketball. We all must think about what is good for all members, not just one group.

Why are group lessons and clinics not being offered after 7/17/20? To protect our staff’s safety, Instruction in the pool does not wear a mask in the water. The speed of COVID 19 could potentially be increased from the child taking the class to the instructor.

Why is there an announcement to leave the pool water 5min before my reservation time is over? this gives you 5 min to gather your belonging and exit the gate. The exiting of the pool 5 min before your time is over is non-negotiable. Please do not argue with staff that enforces this rule.

Can I hire a private lesson instructor in reservation time?  NO, due to COVID 19  to help enforce social distancing, the COVID 19 committee for DRRA had decided not to allow private lesson instructors for safety reasons.

Why can’t the water features be turned on at the wading pool? Per the GEO, “Hot tubs, spas, splash pads, spray pools, saunas, and interactive play features, including slides, must remain closed. Wading pools may open, provided physical distancing can be observed.” Therefore, for the DRRA wading pool to be used, we can not turn on the water features.

Is the swimming pool water itself a risk for transmitting the virus?  No. There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) should inactivate the water’s virus.

Why, before entering DRRA, am I always asked the COVID 19 questions? This is a mandate by VHD and must be asked each day of all members entering DRRA.  Patrons should be screened before admission to the pool. Screening of adults can be conducted by asking the patron about COVID-19 symptoms, close contact with persons with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, and whether the patron has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days. 

Why am I required to wear a mask when entering DRRA? VDH requires a mask to be worn at all times when entering a building (IE bathroom). Also, VDH requires less than 10 feet from a non-family member who lives with you to wear a mask at all times at the pool.  The Board fully supports these sensible guidelines, and masks must be worn at all times when not swimming in the pool itself.

What day and time do the reservations open each week? Saturdays at 3:00 pm. Members can make reservations after 3 pm. 

What happens if I make a reservation before 3:00? Your reservation is deleted due to not following the directions. 

This is so unfair. Why can’t I come to DRRA whenever I want? – We are in the midst of a global health pandemic.  It is incumbent on all of us to follow the guidelines and rules set forth by the VA Department of Health so that we are doing our part to help prevent the spread of this serious health threat in our community.

How do I make a reservation? The new swim reservations system is now available.  To make reservations, please select Membership->Make a Reservation. Make sure you have the latest browser version, or Membersplash will not work correctly. For more information on how to make a reservation, watch the video below: DR Reservations Tutorial

How do I cancel a reservation? On the website, go to; Membership-Manage My Account-My Reservations-Cancel. 

What is the policy for canceling a reservation?  The morning reservation 5:30 am- 9:00 am time frame must be canceled by 9 pm the day before. All other reservations or emergence cancellations must be canceled at least one hour before the time slot. 

What happens if I do not cancel my reservation and don’t show up? Un-canceled reservations are considered a no-show for not canceling your reservation. One no show you will review a warning by email or phone call. The second violation will restrict you from booking future reservations, and all reservations will be deleted for all members on your account.

Are guests allowed? No, due to the limitation on the capacity, the DRRA Board has decided not to allow any guests this season. Plus, in Phase 3 members, not of the same household must social distance. Therefore, your guess could not share a space with you under the VDH regulations. Pre-paid guest passes will carry over to the next season.

There doesn’t seem as if there are enough slots for all the membership families to reserve a section of the pool daily for free swim. Can you add more? There are 2400 members at DRRA; Phase 3 only allows a certain amount of people in the pool water; there is no way to allow everyone in the pool.

How many advanced reservations can I make per week and per day? Effective Aug 2nd, three advance reservations per person per week. Therefore pick from lap swimming /EB shallow OR FSS . You can not have both in one day and a max of three. Example 3 FSS per week or (3 individual lap swim/EB shallow per person on your account ). However, “day of” open facilities, you are not limited to this rule; any open spot can be reserved one hour before.