Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 2020 Season begin and end?
DRRA will open on Saturday, May 09-Sept 20.  Check out the Calendar & Hours for the daily schedule.

why do we close early on the last day? -95% of staff are in school. Many of the staff are under 16.Child labor law states they can not work past 7 pm ,after Labor day . It take all staff at least 3hr to break down the pool for the season.Therefore 4-7 is the best time.

Why can I not bring my under 18 yr olds to Sunday Brunch ?- Sunday Brunch is the one time a week Adults can use the pool without children. Both pools are closed so adults can enjoy this special quite time.

How do I find out when the pool is closed or opening due to bad weather? download our twiiter account or look on twitter feed. PLEASE try not to call the pool, phone lines should NOT BE USED at pools in bad weather.

Can I wait in the parking lot while pool is closed due to thunder and lightening ? NO this is very dangerious .