Private Lessons

Swim and Dive Private Lessons held at DRRA are offered only to DRRA members.*  Only employees of DRRA hired for these positions can provide private lessons.

  • To sign up for a private lesson, please get in touch with the instructor directly. Private Lesson Instructors.
  • All lessons are held for 30 minutes.
  • Payments – Payment in cash, check, or credit card to DRRA. payment is required at the end of the lesson the instructor  will process the payment at the front desk.
  • Lessons begin at the set time; late arrivals will still be charged for the 30-min class without makeup.
  • Fees apply for instructions only; all other DRRA handbook rules concerning entrance and fees apply.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring a pair of swim goggles.

For questions, please get in touch with General Manager at

*August / September members are eligible for Swim and Dive lessons before August 1.  The student taking the lesson is allowed entrance to the pool, and one parent/guardian can accompany them. Additional members must pay the entrance fee before the lesson, and all must leave after the lesson. If you do not plan on paying the entrance fee  the instructor will meet you at  the front desk.