Wait List Application Terms and Conditions

I understand that if my application is approved I will be charged $50 to join the wait list. In addition there is a $200.00 membership-processing fee assessed at the time I join the association. I understand that the wait list fee and the membership-processing fee are non- refundable. I further understand that when a membership vacancy occurs, I will have 30 days to make payment of the $2,300 shareholder capital contribution, as well as a $200.00 processing fee, and to comply with the rules regarding the emergency information card, and dues.

I understand that all applications for membership must be approved by the DRRA Board of Directors (at the time a vacancy occurs), and that my application for the Wait List does not entitle me to membership rights of any kind. I further understand that my slot on the Wait List is not transferable nor may I sell it to any person or persons who purchase my home.